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Life Among Rivers and Trees

Water and soil, sunshine and air
we’re made of these things
through them we share
a language so old, it predates this earth
it cannot be spoken, it has to be heard
together we sit, and listen all day
the river speaks, it’s flow seems to say


“Don’t be afraid, crying at change
look deeply, my children, impermanence reigns
glaciers melt, and monsoons fall
as life transforms, be calm through it all.”

After a time, the cedars and pines
start to share secrets, their wisdom’s sublime
we ask them “old friends, what can you teach?”
swaying they whisper


 “All is within your reach
dwell in the present, then joy grows like spring leaves
as you climber higher, your shade will relieve
innumerable beings, with loving-kindness, you’ll set them free
and just like the aspen, grows better in threes
working together, you’ll find unity...
Abundance is nurtured, with effort and patience
these roots of compassion, will stabilize nations
shade, fruit and water, we’ll always provide
a mind left neglected, makes deserts arise
the forest is heaven, a place to give birth
but humans forgot this, and became scared of dirt.”

In harmony, the elements breathe
this time their song’s, especially sweet
“You’ve become like me, a clear seeing haven
you’ve realized this,  all life is precious, worth saving.”
now that we’ve seen, our interdependence
the whole world’s glowing, and sufferings ended
the path’s been made clear, by rays of sunlight
to live serving others, has always been right

The Wolf’s Gaze

Blueberry patches

mushrooms and rabbits
The wilderness breathes 

we speak as time passes
Her language is perfect

ancient and strong
The birds, trees and rivers

sing her sweet song
My mother, my teacher

we’re one and the same
The more I embrace you

the less I feel pain
I learn from trees

to sit still in peace
In wind, cold and rain

my heart feels at ease
Just like your rivers

I flow through life
grounded in presence

I'll overcome strife

Deep in the bush

a wolf runs my way
His deep wild gaze

sets my mind ablaze
I can’t run from death

come take me away
But instead of a bite

a lick on my face
He shows me his world

his wisdom and grace
He says, “I am nature

I want you to listen.”
My heart fills with love, my eyes start to glisten
“once we were brothers, but you lost your way
life is so simple, but people’s minds stray
your species corrupted, by ignorant greed
and despite all your knowledge, you sow the wrong seeds
you take what you want, and rarely give back
all creatures suffer, from human’s attacks
but we are not separate, we’re interconnected,
Don’t view the forest, as fur pelts and lumber
no one owns earth, wake up from your slumber.”

The wolf’s mournful words, bring rain from the sky
together with nature, I sit and I cry
“I’m sorry my friend, just give me some time
to wake up the others, I want you to thrive
I'll try to protect us, guide us from harm
teach people our language, so you can live on.”
The wolf nods his head, turns, runs away

With the wisdom of plants is where I will stay.
We’re all vessels of earth,
meant to listen and share, all beings inter-are.
To cure our despair, we mustn't go far.

Nature is the ultimate teacher.

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