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Reid Creek's Last Stand

Reid Creek as seen from Edinburgh Mountain. A few patches of ancient forest persist , most of the valley is even aged cedar fir plantations, and fresh clearcuts.

     Pictured below is one of Reid Creeks last remaining groves of ancient forest.
For so many years this valley has suffered in silence as clearcut logging has decimated this beautiful place. This is the valley that Waterfall and Screech camps of the Fairy Creek Blockade are located. Our friends are still blockading the Reid Main logging road, protecting this vulnerable ancient forest, and keeping industry out of Reid's intact sister valley, Fairy Creek. It is vital that we keep resisting clearcut logging so that intact forests like Edinburgh mountain and Fairy Creek don't wind up like so much of Reid Creek, full of clearcuts and low biodiversity cedar fir plantations..

I am grateful that these remnant groves remain standing, to remind us at waterfall what we are peacefully working for, and give us a glimpse into what this entire valley would have looked like not so long ago. All beings deserve intact forests, all beings need intact forests to live! Please enjoy these images of the ancient forest, though you may not have been here, your life and this forest's life are intimately connected through the invisible threads that hold the earth together. They give us fresh air to breathe and pure water to drink. They give us medicine, shade and many other gifts.

Reid Creeks ancient Red Cedar trees rise out of the rich understory of huckleberry, blueberry and Ferns.

Artists Conk grows on mossy fallen trees and standing snags, This mushroom is one of earths most powerful and healing medicines.

The mystical and scenic beauty of the creek bed is owed in no small part to the venerable fallen giants that create scenes like this. Old growth forests have layered, complex habitat structures from the forest floor all the way to the crowns of the tallest trees. within the nooks and crannies carved out by thousands of years of transformation, an abundance of life can be found

a Western Hemlock grows with a fairy gateway at the base of its trunk, most likely because this tree began its life on a nurse log that has since decomposed. Another young Hemlock has taken root at this trees base, the ability to grow on standing trees and fallen logs gives Hemlock a competitive advantage for light in the dense understory of the ancient forest.

the dancing sunlight that reaches the forest floor through the high canopy is breathtaking, old growth forests allow light in through their complex and irregular canopy structures, nurturing the growth of a lush understory. Gloomy, even-aged tree plantations just can't compare.

Never one to disappoint, the ancient rainforest provides endless fascination, when your neck tires of looking up at the canopy, you can look to the rich world below your feet, of mosses, lichens, mushrooms and fascinating plants

This Western Red Cedar was surrounded by red Huckleberries, eating the fruits of the forest at the base of this ancient tree was deeply moving.

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